Ferrari by Allegretti

By 1971, Carrozzeria Sports Cars was facing financial difficulties due to high material/labor costs and a capital shortage. In June 1971, Drogo published an editorial in the magazine Autosprint titled "Modena S.O.S.", which appealed to private and/or public investment to assist C.S.C. and other small Modenese manufacturers facing economic ruin. Drogo's efforts to save the business were ultimately unsuccessful and C.S.C. declared bankruptcy on December 31, 1971.

After the dissolution of the Carrozzeria in 1971, Piero Drogo briefly ran a dealership under the name "Sports Cars S.a.s. di Drogo & Vassallo" on the same premises previously used by C.S.C. Former C.S.C. employees founded and/or worked in many other small carrozzeria in the Modena area, including Carrozzeria ABS (founded by ex-C.S.C. employees Allegretti and Bonifatti) which shared premises with Sports Cars S.a.s., Carrozzeria Sport (no "s") Cars (founded by Walter Giusti and another ex-Drogo employee) and Bacchelli & Villa (a.k.a. Carrozzeria Auto Sport, founded by Franco Bacchelli and Roberto Villa).