Jaguar by Hartin

Xk150unique made Jaguar by carrosserie Hartin

1962 XK150 S Hardin Fastback: This car originally started life in 1960 as one of the 200 XK150 S FHC's produced. It was purchased by a man named Eric Richardson who drove the car great distances most weekends from his work as a senior partner in a large London solicitor firm to his family home a few hundred miles away. Covering long distances regularly he wanted to get to and from as quickly as possible. He constantly petitioned Jaguar for help in making the car go faster. Jaguar originally told him the car was fast enough, but they finally relented to do so by providing him a higher rear axle final drive ratio and D-Type speedometer to indicate the higher speeds he drove than the 135 mph the car would do in standard trim.
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