The Austrian branch of the German Daimler company was set up by Eduard Fischer and Paul Daimler, son of company founder Gottlieb Daimler, at the beginning of the 20th Century to make Daimlers under license. In July 1906, Ferdinand Porsche became technical manager and the company grew rapidly and successfully. In 1927, Austro Daimler announced a new design, the Austro Daimler ADR. When shown at the 1928 Olympia Show in London, it received high praise, but for a luxury car, the ADR 6-cylinder engine was too small. Therefore, in 1930 a larger 8-cylinder, 4.6-liter engine was designed for the ADR8 on a 147-inch chassis. The price of $5,720 was equal to a Packard Eight convertible and no more than fifty ADR8 models were produced.

This Limousine, with coachwork by Keibl Karosserie, one of the finest coachbuilders in Vienna, has been in the Nethercutt Collection since 1982 and has just been restored.