Negrini was founded in Modena by Pietro Negrini in 1954*. Early machines used 110cc and 123cc two-stroke engines, and later they used Franco Morini 48 and 49cc units almost exclusively.

By 1960 the factory output exceeded 100,000 units, which grew to 320,000 in 1970. Pietro ceded control of the business to his son Mauro shortly afterwards.

In 1976 Negrini USA was formed and for the next few years sales on the East Coast were healthy but there were few agents in the western states.

Negrini Models include:

1966 Negrini Gioietta 48cc
1970 Negrini 49cc Trail
1972 Negrini Super Sprint 48cc
77-78 Negrini Harvard stepthru
77-78 Leprotto
Negrini Farfallino (a scooter built by BM Bonvicini)
1977 Negrini MX Sport (mag wheels, motorcycle styling)
1978-79 MX Sport II
1981 Gazelle III
1981 Harvard II (mag wheels)
1981 MX Sport II (mag or spoked wheels)
1981 MX KPN City Cross
1981 MX Gipsy Cross (trail, sans lights, 16" wheels)