In May of 1930, 2004 Automotive Hall of Fame Inductee Battista “Pinin” Farina created an automotive body design firm bearing his name, Carrozzeria Pinin Farina (today, Pininfarina S.p.A). In 2020, this legendary company celebrates 90 years of beautiful design.

Battista Farina defined Italian automobile styling. His vision of sculptural, sensuous, curvaceous forms helped his firm secure a groundbreaking partnership with Enzo Ferrari. This synergy of Pininfarina and Ferrari created some of the most beautiful automobiles ever made. A review of any 1950s or 1960s Ferrari race cars like the P3 or 250 GTO or production model like the legendary Luso, confirms this.

Battista’s craftsmanship draws upon the tradition of great Italian artists. His vision for automobile aesthetics and beautiful design created a synonymous connection between beautiful cars and Italy. Pininfarina did not just design Italian automobiles however. Battista’s design skills were sought-after globally, with notable examples such as Peugeot, Bentley, and Nash. The Pininfarina-designed Ferraris, however, are at the heart of the company’s fame.