Within the 1950s weapons technology grew into a major factor of the company's operations. With the well tuned joining of several company parts in the year 1971 the still today existing unit of "Frazer-Nash Consultancy" was born. This moved through multiple hands over time and under the hood of various owners Besitzer: 1990 had a management buyout, 2004 it was moved to Devonport Management Limited which soon got acquired by Babcock International Group plc., 2021 it was taken over by KBR. Starting in 2010 the company opened multiple development and office locations in Australia. For summer 2022 a total staff of about 1000 employees is reported by the web pages of the company. Furthermore a revenue of 101 Million British Pounds (once equal to 186 Million Australian Dollars) for the fiscal year of 2020/2021 got reported.