Historical Snippets
Company founded in 1920 in Padova Italy by C. Rizzato & C. S.P.A.
Motorcycle manufacture began in 1979, having purchased Atala in 1938. Manufacture continued until at least 1998.


Rizzato Models include Rizzato Atala Master 3LF 50cc and Rizzato Atala 3LD 50 model.

1978/79 models offered in by SMM of Aix-en-Provence:
Rizzato Daytona, 50cc Minarelli sports moped, dual seat, clipons.
Rizzato Satan, 50cc Minarelli, trail style with lights and pedals, dual seat, high handlebars.
Rizzato 3Zum Minarelli 49.9cc 2 speed, moped styling with plastic sheath enclosing engine.
Rizzato Califfo de luxe, Rizzato type 119 engine 49.9cc, single speed or three speed.
Rizzato Ringo, Rizzato type 118 engine 49.9cc, three speed.

Many models use Minarelli engines, and they also built their own. Rizzato engines include types 118, 119 and 122

In the United States, the Rizzato Califfo was marketed by Promark-Moped of Norwalk, Ohio.