Among the most recent operations of Zagato is the design for ATM Milano (Compasso d’oro Award 2001) of the Eurotram based on Bombardier Flexity Outlook. It also presented itself at the Geneva Motor Show in 2007 with the Diatto Ottovù concept. In 2010 it celebrated Alfa Romeo’s centenary (and 90 years of collaboration with it) by presenting the Alfa Romeo TZ3 Corsa which won the design concept award at the Concorso d’eleganza Villa d’Este; a year later, small series production of the TZ3 Stradale begins. In July 2011 it was reported that specialist car builder Coventry Prototype Panels (CPP) had acquired Zagato, with Vladimir Antonov funding CPP and its recent acquisitions, but that CPP Milan s.r.l. is an independent company. At the beginning of 2012 CPP Manufacturing was acquired by Envisage Group, a consulting-service company in automotive engineering field based in Coventry. Zagato also designed non-automobile projects such as an automated guided electric commuter train for a city in Abu Dhabi.

2012 BMW Zagato Coupé

In 2012 Zagato collaborated with BMW for the realization of the BMW Zagato Coupé concept, built based on the Z4 and unveiled at Villa d’Este. In 2014 the Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato was unveiled. Commissioned by entrepreneur and car collector Alber Spiess, it was born thanks to a collaboration between Zagato and Lamborghini. Based on the Gallardo LP570-4 the car has a rounded body design, with Zagato’s signature “double-bubble”. It features some design elements that recalls the Lamborghini Raptor.


Meanwhile, the collaboration between Zagato and Aston Martin continues turning out several models like the V12 Zagato Coupé, the DB AR1 and the DBS Centennial series. In 2015 the Thunder Power Sedan was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show, an electric car made by the Taiwanese Thunder which enters into an agreement with Zagato for the development of both exterior and interior design, the collaboration between the two companies also includes a future electric crossover SUV. Worth noting is the collaboration in 2017 between Sony and Zagato for the creation of the Iso Rivolta Vision Gran Turismo which is featured in the videogame series Gran Turismo. The Iso Rivolta brand is dusted off again at the end of 2020 with the GTZ, a “fuori serie” built in only 19 units.