The B Engineering Edonis is a sports car developed in the year 2000 and manufactured by Italian automobile manufacturer B Engineering with overall engineering by Nicola Materazzi (ex LanciaFerrari & Bugatti and styling by Marc Deschamps (ex Gruppo Bertone).

Not many details of the intermediate design stages by Materazzi and Deschamps are documented but some of the sketches are documented in the promotional videos by B.Engineering. Until 2012 the 1:1 scale buck model (with some damage) of the Edonis was for some time stored at Heuliez and then listed for auction. It shows how the body shape was made before body panels were formed for the prototypes.

The Edonis is based on the Bugatti EB110 Super Sport, sharing its carbon-fibre chassis, but having a redesigned interior and exterior. The engine also originates from the EB110 and is enlarged from 3.5 to 3.76 litres in displacement.

Two prototypes were originally produced, one painted in metallic gold colour which was presented in Modena and at other shows, and one in "Rosso Pompeiano".

Although the design is not new, the model is still in production in very low volume for customers who contact B.Engineering directly and order a car to their individual taste.