1908, is the year of foundation of Carnielli, a historical Italian company, specialized in the production of bicycles and home fitness equipment.

2008, is the year of the centenary which is characterized by endless episodes of success, an ongoing innovation and design studies, which brought the brand to establish itself in the domestic and international market with products that are always at state of the art level. The invention of the Cyclette©, a registered trade mark, today still, property of Carnielli Fitness, has meant a strategically decisive time: it introduced a totally revolutionary way to conceive sport by anticipating future fashion and trends like the home fitness ones.

Strength, ambition and enthusiasm have made possible to the company to assert itself in the market. It is a dynamic reality and versatile too, and it draws its energy from its ability to match craftsmanship traditions with the latest production systems.

The experience and the know how gained in 100 years of activity, have enabled to totally satisfy the needs for training, even in the case of more watchful and demanding clients.

Passion for sport, care for the body and physical wellness, these are the principles that encourage and guide the company strategy. The commitment in production has given way to a range of products for any manufacturing sort, in-door and out-door as well as with sophisticated details as far as technology research and style are concerned.

Carnielli Fitness, is today a reality, moving towards the future not just in terms of products but also with very important projects in marketing, communication and loyalty to the brand plans.