Alvis by Vanden Plas

The 10ft 4in. wheelbase Vanden Plas Tourer expresses grace, speed and breeding in every line. The powerful 4.3 Litre Alvis engine provides acceleration of 0-50mph in 7.6 seconds. The imposing frontal appearance is enhanced by a sweeping waistline flowing into a fared decking at the rear into which the spare wheel is sunk in a neat and pleasing manner.

With it's streamlined individual wings and absence of runner-boards, this model presents a low, sleek appearance in keeping with the characteristics of the chassis. The hood and side curtains give protection from the weather, yet it can be folded down into very small and neat proportions. A wide range of upholstery and paint finish is available to meet every customer's personal preferences.

Production is limited to 25 cars.

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