BMC(The British Motor Corporation Ltd)

The British Motor Corporation Limited (BMC) was a UK-based vehicle manufacturer, formed in early 1952 to give effect to an agreed merger of the Morris and Austin businesses.

BMC acquired the shares in Morris Motors and the Austin Motor Company. Morris Motors, the holding company of the productive businesses of the Nuffield Organization, owned MGRiley, and Wolseley.[1]

The agreed exchange of shares in Morris or Austin for shares in the new holding company, BMC, became effective in mid-April 1952.[2]

In September 1965, BMC took control of its major supplier of bodies, Pressed Steel, acquiring Jaguar's body supplier in the process. In September 1966, BMC merged with Jaguar Cars.[3] In December 1966, BMC changed its name to British Motor Holdings Limited (BMH).[4]

BMH merged, in May 1968, with Leyland Motor Corporation Limited, which made trucks and buses and owned Standard-Triumph International Limited, BMH becoming the major part of British Leyland Motor Corporation.

subsidiary company called "British Motor Corporation Ltd" (later "BMC Ltd") remained a part of BMH and BLMC, before being renamed "Austin-Morris Ltd", thus the BMC name had completely disappeared from the public view. The Austin-Morris division of British Leyland consisted largely of the old BMC marques and operations.