Daimler by Wilcox

A brief history

In 1947, EM Wilcox Ltd was formed by Mrs Wilcox and her two sons, Ray and Geoff, in Peterborough. The company traded successfully for many years and, in 1972, was acquired by the Hypromel Group owned by Ted Prigmore. The 1980s were a period of expansion, with the acquisitions of Seadyke, CMC Bodies, Bulkerpart, Dunspencer, Pneubulk and Teamport Trailers; giving Wilcox a range of products that could not be matched for quality and level of service anywhere else in the UK.

Following Ted Prigmore’s death in 1989 the company was sold to Llewellyn and relocated to Blenheim Way, Market Deeping, which is still our base to this day.

Following a period of financial difficulty, when the company went into receivership, the group was purchased by SESR, before being bought out again by the United Trailers holding company in 1997.

Unfortunately, difficulties were encountered again and United Trailers went into administration in October 2000.

Rather than signalling the end though, Wilcox was about to be given a new, exciting lease of life.

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