Ferrari by Michelotti

Giovanni Michelotti (6 October 1921 – 23 January 1980) was one of the most prolific designers of sports cars in the 20th century. His notable contributions were for FerrariLanciaMaserati and Triumph marques. He was also associated with truck designs for Leyland Motors, and with designs for British Leyland (including the Leyland National bus) after the merger of Leyland and BMC.

Born in Turin, Italy, Michelotti worked for coachbuilders, including Stabilimenti FarinaVignaleAllemanoBertoneGhiaGhia-Aigle, Scioneri, Monterosa, ViottiFissore and OSI, before opening his own design studio in 1959. He also cooperated with manufacurers producing their own cars based on Fiat or other mechanicals, like SiataMorettiFrancis Lombardi and Nardi. From 1962, Michelotti concluded cooperation with Carrozzeria Vignale and began his own coachbuilding activities.

Towards the end of his life, asked whether he had ever designed anything other than cars, Michelotti acknowledged that virtually all of his design work had involved cars, but he admitted to having designed a coffee making machine shortly after the war.