Imperial by Ghia.

Ecusson Ghia


Crown Imperial Limousines by Ghia 1957-’65

Since the 1930s Chrysler had built 8-passenger cars on a long wheelbase, either limousines with a dividing window to separate passengers from chauffeur, or big "family" sedans without the divider. One or more of such models were sold under all the company’s brand names, from Plymouth up, in a time when competitors showed little interest. But at the outset of the 1950s sales dwindled, and in ’54 only Chrysler and DeSoto offered 8-passenger models. Chrysler’s flagship in this field was unquestionably the expensive, haughty Crown Imperial, on a 145.5-in. wheelbase. Nothing was too good for this machine: Disc brakes starting in 1949, "hemi" engine and power steering in 1951, Powerflite automatic transmission and 12-volt electrical system in 1953.

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