Jaguar by Coombs & Frua

The Jaguar E-Type Frua unique Prototype by Italian designer Pietra Frua commissioned by John Coombs in Silver with Black leather. Prototype of an intended ‘new look’ Jaguar incorporating Coombs race modifications & front & rear body conversion made to stock showroom cars. The vehicle, newly painted in Silver from its original Carmen Red, arrived at the 11th hour to be debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966. The Jaguar E-Type Frua received mixed reviews and despite taking a few orders, John Coombs took the decision to cancel the project having been disappointed by both the costs and the direction of the collaboration. Later the same year it was shown at the London Motor Show and then sold into private ownership. DVLA Keeper records show the first Keeper to be a Mr McCulloch, owner of a successful London haberdashery business, who owned it for 18 years. It transferred to his wife upon his passing who then sold to an owner in Devon who kept from 1985 until 1996. It next had an owner in Bournemouth and at some stage went briefly to Belgium before returning to UK soil in 2008.