Maybach by Spohn

"Carosseriebau Hermann Spohn" was a German coachbuilder, founded in 1920 in Ravensburg. Around the same time Dr. Karl Maybach started manufacturing drivetrains and chassis for automobiles in Friedrichshafen, just about 20 km from Ravensburg. Spohn soon became Maybach's favored coachbuilder.
Besides Maybach, Spohn created bodies for other luxury brands like Hispano-Suiza, Cadillac, the Gaylord Project and Veritas sports cars.

Carosserbiebau Spohn became one of those rare European coachbuilders who managed to survive World War II. Spohn did this by building direction finders for the Wehrmacht during the war and after the armistice, repaired military vehicles briefly for the occupying French.